Bernardt Heinrich (Benny Henry) Treybig, Jr and Althea Rogers

Bernardt Heinrich (Benny Henry) Treybig, Jr., my grandfather, passed away many years before I was born. Most of what I write here is through the eyes of my mother and her family. Benny Henry, born 30 August, 1886, was raised on a farm. He entered school with no spoken English experience. He spoke only German and came from a home and community of Germans. He was orphaned in his early teens. He received a diploma from the Zanerian School of Penmanship in Columbus, Ohio. As a young man he went to north Texas where he harvested wheat. He met Althea Elvira Rogers in Lampasas when he was working there as a cowhand. They married on Dec 22, 1910.
Later he was employed at the Yoakum State Bank in Yoakum, Texas. then he went to work as a manager at the Guaranty Bond State Bank in Ganado, Texas. After that, he went to the Federal Intermediate Credit Bank in Houston, Texas. Following that he became an auditor in the State Auditors Administration. Benny Henry placed high value on education. He died on 9 March1944 at the young age of 58 years. He left scores of books on mathematics and bookkeeping from extension courses he had taken from the University of Chicago. His hobby was Texas history and he had a library of Texas history books.
Althea Elvira Rogers (3 September 1891- 8 February 1962) grew up in San Saba, Lampasas County, Texas. She was from a long line of Texas pioneers that included the Burlesons, the McCreas, the Williamsons, and the Rogers. Althea's interests lay in the arts. She played both the piano and violin and managed to practice every day, even with five children. She was an avid reader. She loved poetry and often wrote little poems that she presented to the family. She and Benny had five children.

Bernhardt H. "Benny" Treybig, Jr.
Daisy Althea Treybig
James Alva Treybig
Lucille Evelyn Treybig
Leon Bruce Treybig