Johann Nikol (Nicolaus) Carlmann Treybig and Maria Barbara Plonne

Nicolaus and Maria's Texas home, built in about 1850. The side rooms are later additions.

Records show the family left Veilsdorf and journeyed to Texas with the Verein zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas (Verein) in 1845. According to family tradition, Nicolaus did not want his sons drafted into the German army. Nicolaus signed an immigration contract on November 24, 1845 at Antwerp. The ship, "Nahant", sailed from Antwerp on November 25, 1845. It was wrecked off the coast of Torbay (Berry Head, Brixham), on March 18, 1846. (The weather conditions in the North Sea must have been deplorable since the ship had traveled only a short distance in 4 months.) After a stay in England of nearly 2 months, the passengers were picked up by the ship "Timoleon" on May 5, 1846. [Note the name in the ship's log appears as "Nic Frieberg."] They finally arrived in Galveston, Texas on August 8, 1846. Although immigrants on earlier Verein ships traveled from Galveston to Indianola and then inland, the Treybig family stayed in the Houston area. According to tradition, the family went up the coast in wagon with oxen and settled in Spring Branch, near Houston. They stayed there for about 2 years before they moved to Austin County where they stayed. On March 25, 1854, Nicolaus was issued a land grant certificate entitling him to 640 acres. He sold the land for $160.00. Nicolaus Treybig was granted citizenship on December 12, 1856. Ironically his sons were drafted into the confederate Forces in the War between the States. Both Nicolaus and his wife, Maria, are buried in unmarked graves.

Johnann Nikol (Nicolaus) Carlmann Treybig
b: 1 Oct 1799, Veilsdorf/Werra, Germany m: 24 Jun 1821 Veilsdorf, Germany. d: after 1860, Texas.

+Maria Barbara Plonne
b: 24 Oct 1804 d: after 1880, Texas.

Johann Gottfried Treybig 9 Nov 1821-11 Nov 1821. Veilsdorf, Germany.
Conrad Kaspar Treybig 14 Feb 1822-10 Oct 1827. Veilsdorf, Germany.
Valentin Kilian Treybig 2 Jul 1827-17 Aug 1844. Veilsdorf, Germany.

Kaspar Friedrich Treybig
b: 5 Mar 1829, Veilsdorf, Germany. m: 8 May 1859 Austin Co, Texas d: 27 Jul 1914, Texas
+ Katherine Wunderlich
b: 23 Jan 1837. d: 10 Aug 1921, Texas

Katharina Antoine Treybig 25 Jun 1831-7 Mar 1836. Veilsdorf, Germany.
Maria Dorothea Treybig 30 jan 1834-7Jul 1836. Veilsdorf, Germany.

Katharina Carolina Treybig
b: 22 Aug 1836 Veilsdorf, Germany. m:12 Oct 1856 Fayette Co, Texas. d: 24 Jun 1902, Texas
+George Wassermann
b: 21 Apr 1835. d: 15 Dec 1891, Texas

Margaretha Elisa Treybig 6 Feb 1839-died between1850-1860. Texas.

Gustav Bernhardt (Ben) Treybig
b:16 July 1841, Veilsdorf, Germany. m: 13 Aug 1865, Round Top, Texas d: 7 Aug 1905, Shelby, Texas.
+ Elise Heyne
b: 1 Jul 1847, Velmeden, Germany d: 22 Nov 1901, Shelby, Texas

Frederika Treybig
b: 30 Oct 1847, Texas. m: 17 Feb 1866 Fayette Co, Texas. d: 25 May 1897, Texas.
+ Henry A. Wunderlich
b: 1 Dec 1844. d: 18 Sep 1927, Texas.